Recently the most popular and Versatility Car DVR/ Dashcam

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Recently the most popular and Versatility Car DVR/ Dashcam

Do you know a good dash cam will give you piece of mind while you’re out on the road?

Dash cams are becoming more popular because they provide an objective eye in situations that are often wrought with confusion and misinformation.

The best dashboard cameras produce high quality footage, have a raft of useful features, and are easy to use. Having one installed could help prove what happened or protect you from false claims in the case of a crash. If you are looking for a dashcam with a high quality and also in a valuable price, BtopLLC GS8000L 2.7″ Full HD 1080P Car DVR will be your first choice!

Video resolution

The most important factor in a dashboard camera’s video quality is the video resolution it can record. While there are some camera models on the market that record at VGA resolution (640×480), you won’t be able to make out a whole lot of detail on such footage. For decent results you should get a camera that supports at least 1280×720 pixels. In this case, the dashboard camera we release to you this time, is a 2.7 inch display screen with HD 1080P, with this high video resolution will better and clear to keep track and capture all the details during the journey.

Motion detection

Motion detection is the ability of a dash cam to detect a change of its own position relative to its surroundings (or alternatively a change in surroundings in relation to itself). Our GS8000L also including this function which has increased the functions of dash cam itself. This function is optional, you can turn it on/off depends on your situation. If someone crashes into your parked car or you have an accident of another variety then the motion detection will cause your camera to be activated and start recording.

Cycling recording

BtopLLC GS8000L allows users to select the time of cycling record to suit their needs. Cycling time able to select in 3/5/10mins/off, once set up, cyclic recording combined with automatic start-up ensures that you don’t have to spend any time fiddling with your dash cam, unless an incident occurs and you need to save the footage.


The G-SENSOR is use to detects the level of G Force (known as gravitational force, which is a measure of acceleration felt as weight. This will activate when your car sustains an impact and when this happen, dash cam will automatically protect the latest files. The G-SENSOR function in GS8000L is provided and user can selected from low sensitive/mid sensitive/high sensitive/off depends on your circumstance.

Main features of BtopLLC GS800L:

  • 120 degree Ultra HD wide angels lens
  • 1920x1080p FULL HD resolution
  • 4X digital zoom, range 12cm to infinity distance
  • Support night vision with 4 LED light
  • Video can switch 5 kinds of resolution
  • Built-in Microphone and speaker
  • HDMI port included


Dash cams are the way of the future, with the multiple functions that our GS8000L provide, users can record in-car or out-car drive activity, record other road crimes, document parking accident or capture the unexpected events, to help to protect you from insurance fraud and yourself safety.   

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