The one of hottest mobile phone accessory – Portable Battery Case


The one of hottest mobile phone accessory – External Portable and Rechargeable Battery case for iPhone 6/6S  

Currently, Smartphone and other electronic devices are widely used which caused a larger amount of battery is needed, therefore created a huge demand in the market of portable battery. In BtopLL, the hottest mobile accessory is our external portable battery case with 5000mAh battery capacity. If you are looking for a high-capacity battery case that will charge your Smartphone while travelling, BtopLLC would like to recommend our 5000mAh Battery Charger case for iPhone 6/6s.

High matte material

Our portable battery charger cases are made by high quality matte material, which can give your phone a full body protection and could prevent any scratches without leaving any traces.


This 5000mAh battery case has sturdy, matte and elegant design, ultra slim only 1.5cm thickness, can perfectly fit your hand palm and never obstruct while you using your device and charging in the same time.

Easy operate

BtopLLC 5000mAh battery case is combined by two parts, top cover and phone case, simply take off the top cover of the battery case and slide your phone into it. Make sure your phone is well connected to the dock on the battery case, simply press on the Power button to switch on and press it again to switch off. 


  Feel too tried by hold your phone in your hand palm whiles it charging? No worries, our BtopLLC battery case is built-in with a kick stand, use the kick stand and place your phone horizontally. And now you can relax your hand and continue using your phone while the case is charging. 

LED Indicator light

BtopLLC 5000 battery case have five indicator light, which including Power light, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%, each percentage is represent the remaining battery of the case, which has well describe the use of electricity of the case.   


In this battery case contains 5000mAh battery capacity, which could support your phone to fully charge twice, a perfect and functional gadget on traveling and outdoor activities. 

Main features of BtopLLC Battery Case:

  • Powerful with long operation time
  • Portable and convenient
  • High efficiency of power conversion
  • Long cycle life
  • Rapid charge
  • LED battery capacity indicator

With all the amazing benefits and features that our BtopLLC 5000mAh Battery Case provide, it does makes sense to allow you to consider a high quality model battery case from BtopLLC that suits your needs and standards. Carry it around with you at any time in a day, you will find it extremely helpful.

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